Opening up space travel for the masses

A mission to make space travel accessible to everyone has been given a boost with a PTC sponsorship deal

Parametric Technology timed the launch of its Pro/Desktop 2000i CAD solution to coincide with a major sponsorship agreement with Starchaser Industries.

Pro/Desktop 2000i, the latest member of the PTC suite of MCAD solutions, was unveiled at the recent launch of Starchaser’s latest single stage rocket.

Focusing on developing and building systems for low cost, commercial space travel, Starchaser’s mission is to make space travel accessible to everyone. It has its sights set on winning the $10 million `Xprize’, which will be awarded to the first team to successfully build and launch a privately-funded, passenger carrying, reusable spacecraft. Starchaser will make extensive use of Pro/Desktop 2000i in its ambitious rocket ship development projects.

PTC views Starchaser as a like-minded company, in that Pro/Desktop 2000i shares the theme of accessibility. It has been designed specifically for the Windows platform, with particular emphasis on making CAD accessible to all levels of user, from the professional to the occasional user – so you do not have to be a rocket scientist to use it.

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