Operations on tour

General Support Vehicles’ Integrated Project Team (GSV IPT) has established a Contractors Deployed on Operations (CONDO) agreement with KBR to fit a range of urgent operational requirement (UOR) upgrades to heavy vehicles operating in Afghanistan.

GSV IPT is responsible for the procurement and in-service management of heavy logistic vehicles with a payload of four tonnes and above. This new arrangement is the first in which contractors have been employed in theatre.

Members of the GSV IPT responsible for the delivery of in-theatre upgrades will at the DVD show in June, which will allow the defence community to meet, discuss, learn about and experience the equipment used by the UK’s armed forces.

The KBR CONDO team are currently fitting additional armour from Permali and air conditioning units manufactured by DML to the OshKosh Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET). Further work has been made on the Oshkosh Wheeled Tanker and the Foden Recovery Vehicle.

Future plans include the transfer of this capability to Operation TELIC later in the year.