Other relevant directives

There are other Directives that are relevant to some electrical products. These include the Machinery Safety Directive (86/392/EEC), The Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive (91/263/EEC), the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive (89/336/EEC), the Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC) and the Active Implantable Medical Devices Directive. Some of these directives rely on the LVD, while others do not.

The Machinery Safety Directive became mandatory for general machinery in January 1995. Machinery, where the risks are mainly of electrical origin, is excluded from the Machinery Directive and is covered by the LVD instead. Similarly, where the safety is mainly mechanical, equipment should meet the Machinery Directive and not the LVD. The two Directives are exclusive. The Telecommunication Terminal Equipment Directive, on the other hand, will continue to rely on the LVD for its electrical safety requirements.

The majority of products that have to comply with the EMC Directive will also have to comply with the LVD and it is advisable to look at the scope of both directives. The EMC Directive came into force in January 1996 and covers almost all electronic and electrical apparatus.

The Medical Devices Directive will be effective from June 1998 and will apply to all medical equipment and their accessories. The active implantable Medical Devices Directive, on the other hand, came into force in January 1995. It applies to devices such as cardiac pacemakers. However, the LVD is not applicable either to equipment for radiological and medical applications, or active implantable devices.