Outrstripping the supercomputers

Ansoft Corporation’s new release, Ensemble Version 7, for simulation of planar structures found in RFICs, PCBs, MMICs and planar antennas, is a planar method of moments electromagnetic field solver for electronic, wireless and broadband component design.

The company claims it is so fast and memory efficient that it is now possible, for example, to simulate a 20 by 20 element planar phased array for fixed wireless broadband access, or an entire MMIC cellular handset power amplifier layout. Engineers can simulate problems in minutes and develop complete product prototypes on the computer in a matter of hours rather than entering into lengthy and expensive design and build test cycles.

‘Our fast solver technology allows customers to simulate designs on a PC that could not be simulated on multi-million dollar super computers just last year,’ says Dr. Richard Hall, Ansoft’s Director of Development.

Ansoft ENTER 51