Oxonica demonstrates catalyst success

OxfordUniversity nanomaterials spinout Oxonica has announced successful tests of its Envirox fuel borne catalyst by Stagecoach Group.

The latest round of testing with Stagecoach followed original trials on 1,300 vehicles in the north west of England and London over a 12-month period, which demonstrated fuel savings of more than five per cent.

A further validation trial was conducted on more than 550 Stagecoach vehicles in the north west of England In the second half of 2007 which gave savings of 4.3 per cent after three months, consistent with the results from the original 2004 trial. Stagecoach has indicated that it is satisfied with the results and intends to continue to use Envirox across its 7,000-vehicle UK bus fleet.

Adrian Havlin, Stagecoach Group technical engineer said: ‘Stagecoach is in the front line of tackling climate change through a range of initiatives, from biofuels and cleaner engines to the introduction of modern environmental management systems. The use of Envirox is part of our package of innovative solutions to build a more environmentally sustainable business and encourage greener travel’.

‘Our vehicles have driven more than 700 million miles on Envirox, and to achieve a consistent result across a diverse fleet over three years testifies to the robustness of the technology. We are particularly pleased with the performance of the product both in ultra low sulphur diesel and in blends containing biodiesel, which are now in widespread use across our fleet’.

Envirox has also announced further positive test results and significant commercial progress in mainland Europe and Russia.