PADS goes for the interconnect

PADS Software recently announced PowerBGA 3.5, the latest version of its solution to automate the interconnect process between bare die and a printed circuit board (PCB). PowerBGA 3.5 provides engineers with the flexibility to manipulate and modify die information, bond fingers and wirebonds in PowerBGA’s design editor, reducing die revisions and speeding design cycles.

This latest version of PowerBGA also contains PADS’ BlazeRouter any-angle autorouter and provides seamless integration with PADS’ CAM350 fabrication analysis tool. As semiconductors become faster, larger and more complex, interconnecting bare die into packages and onto PCBs becomes more difficult. PADS recognises that to accelerate the design process andbetter optimise the die/package combination, designers require anenvironment that enables I/O pads, bond fingers, wire bonds and thesubstrate layout to be evaluated and modified simultaneously.

Guided by enhanced design rule checking, these elements can be moved within the layout editor, allowing the designer to consider the impact onneighbouring objects. PowerBGA 3.5 provides this ability with the Edit Die Part function, which significantly reduces the die revisions that traditionally occur with advanced package design, thus reducing the overall design cycle. PowerBGA 3.5 also gives the designer a new level of flexibility when defining the fanout and wirebond configurations of the bare die in their designs.

PowerBGA 3.5 also contains PADS’ BlazeRouter, the industry’s first true autorouter for multi-layer, high-density PCBs and advanced packages. It is the first solution to be delivered on PADS’ new Latium architecture, a computer integrated design (CID) platform for fully integrated interconnect design and Internet support.

Another major enhancement offered with PowerBGA 3.5 is push-button integration with PADS’ CAM350 fabrication analysis tools. Through DirectCAM technology in PowerBGA and CAM350, designers can transfer designs into the fabrication analysis product without using Gerber, which reduces conversion errors and enables fabrication violations to be highlighted and corrected in the PowerBGA environment. CAM350 offers a total fabrication solution from data preparation and analysis through drill and mill, streamlining the entire process.

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