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AI wearable provides early warning of heart failure

Researchers in the US have developed wearable AI-enabled sensor technology that they claim could be used by doctors to remotely monitor heart patients and provide early warning of potential heart failure.   The group, which includes researchers from the University of Utah Health and VA Salt Lake City Health Care System, claims that the system […]

Fur-friendly wearable tracks health of pets

A new type of fur-friendly wearable could help pet owners keep tabs on their animal’s health and even work through several layers of clothing for human users. This is the claim of researchers at Imperial College London, whose new health-tracking sensor detects vital signs like heart and breathing rates through fur and up to four […]

Wearable wrist device tracks metabolites via sweat

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a wearable device that uses metabolites from sweat to track physical performance. Worn on the wrist, the tracker could be used to monitor key chemical markers including glucose and lactose in athletes or military personnel. These metabolites can indicate flagging performance or potential health issues, enabling trainers […]

Flexible device harvests body heat for wearables

Researchers at North Carolina State University have unveiled their latest version of a device to convert body heat into power for wearables.  Described in Applied Energy, the flexible thermoelectric generator, or TEG, builds on work published by the same team in 2017. That device used semiconductor elements that were connected electrically in series using liquid-metal […]

Highly-sensitive wearable gas sensor looks set for market

Researchers in the US have developed a highly sensitive, wearable gas sensor for environmental and human health monitoring that may soon become commercially available. Developed by a team at Penn State and Northeastern University, the device is claimed to improve on existing wearable sensors because it uses a self-heating mechanism that enhances sensitivity and allows […]

Wearable air con takes passive role in cooling

Heat stroke or exhaustion could be prevented with a so-called ‘wearable air conditioning’ system, an on-skin cooling device designed by engineers at the University of Missouri. Beyond cooling, the university claims the device has health care applications such as the ability to monitor blood pressure, electrical activity of the heart and the level of skin […]

Scifi Eye: the future of wearable exoskeletons

Science fiction novelist Gareth L Powell considers where developments in exoskeletons and implantable electronics might ultimately lead A recent issue of The Engineer carried a story about a tetraplegic man who has taken his first steps in a laboratory thanks to an exoskeleton suit developed by biomedical research centre Clinatec and the University of Grenoble. […]

Self-healing thermoelectric material adds durability to wearables

A pliable, self-healing thermoelectric material from KAUST could lead to wearable electronic devices that can withstand the rigours of daily life. The prototype thermoelectric material has been developed by the KAUST team in Saudi Arabia with three organic compounds. Sensors worn on the skin or as implants can monitor valuable markers of human health, including […]

Wearable wireless sensor monitors baby blood oxygen

Researchers are developing a wearable sensor to measure a baby’s blood oxygen levels, a vital indication of the lungs’ effectiveness and whether the baby’s tissue is receiving enough oxygen. Prof Ulkuhan Guler, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab, is leading the project focused on […]