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Jaguar Land Rover to add Bike Sense to road safety

Jaguar Land Rover is developing a range of new technologies that use colours, sounds and touch to alert drivers to potential hazards, preventing accidents involving bicycles and motorbikes. The Bike Sense system includes car-mounted sensors that will detect when a bicycle or motorbike is approaching, then make the driver aware of the potential hazard before […]

Why does the UK still have so few female engineers?

Editor With the well publicised engineering gender gap showing few signs of closing, efforts must now be focused on ensuring that industry hangs onto its most talented women. The arguments for attracting more women to pursue a career in engineering are well known and well understood. As The Engineer, along with many others, has consistently […]

The robot innovation challenge

The Iain Gray Blog The chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board explains how the UK is supporting R&D in the field of robotics and autonomous systems As a fresh-faced young engineer in the aerospace industry, I was excited to be involved in the rapidly emerging area of ‘robotics’ in manufacturing. I was proud to tell friends and family […]

‚ÄčNine things we learned at The Engineer conference 2014

From curious technical challenges to the mega-trends shaping industry’s future, delegates to The Engineer Conference 2014 left with plenty to think about. Here are nine things that jumped out at us. 1. Industry 4.0 is going to be huge The internet of things; the industrial internet; industry 4.0, call it what you will, there’s a growing […]

The connected world and beyond

Editor The first day of The Engineer conference gave glimpses of the future of manufacturing, the importance of long-term investment and how we will continue to explore our neighbouring planets Day one of The Engineer conference began with a glimpse inside the factory of the future, a vote of confidence in British manufacturing, but a […]

In the driving seat: automotive career guide for graduate engineers

With the UK’s car industry booming but also facing a host of technological challenges, there’s arguably never been a better time to enter the automotive sector. Here are your options. Why work in the automotive industry? It offers unbeatable engineering challenges Of all the engineering-oriented sectors, automotive is probably facing the biggest technological upheavals. New […]

The Joy of Engineering, sketching it out, and international opportunities

News editor Communicating the joys of engineering and helping out an intriguing new project head this week’s round-up, while two upcoming events highlight opportunities for UK firms and individuals. We’re always willing to help at Engineer Towers, as witnessed this morning when a young man from the BBC called for some quick facts about all […]

Tata Motors’ UK research connection

Tata Motors is looking to the UK to direct the R&D for its operations, even for vehicles which it plans to never sell in Europe. A couple of hours’ drive from the roiling, horn-blaring chaos of Mumbai, Tata Motors’ manufacturing site at Pune sprawls over such a large area that the only way to tour […]