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Opinion: Tech must be central to a UK jobs revolution

Tackling skills gaps and abating youth unemployment will require the stakeholders that underpin the UK’s digital jobs market to share resources and connections to form the solution, says Michael Houlihan, CEO, Generation UK. Each month, the UK’s unemployment statistics paint an increasingly grim picture, particularly when it comes to young people. Comparing the latest quarter, […]

Opinion: Lessons learnt from the semiconductor shortage

Semiconductor shortages can be avoided in a four-pronged approach that incorporates resilience, divestment, diversity in production and flexibility, says Simon Beresford-Wylie, CEO, Imagination Technologies. What initially looked like a blip in chip production is now looking like a long(ish)-term supply crunch. The shortages – which have hit production of everything from home appliances to PCs […]

Jaguar Land Rover set for added air protection in cabins

Jaguar Land Rover is on track to offer an added layer of protection inside the cabins of its vehicles.  The company has been testing a prototype HVAC system that uses Panasonic’s nanoe X technology to inhibit viruses and airborne bacteria. JLR maps out bumpy road to net zero Jaguar Land Rover partnered with Perfectus Biomed […]

Nissan Rogue built with recycled aluminium

The 2021 Nissan Rogue is set to be the Japanese automotive giant’s first global model built using a closed-loop recycling system for aluminium parts. Set for implementation on the Rogue’s bonnet and doors, the new way of working is expected to reduce CO2 emissions compared with using parts made with primary alloys from raw materials. It also […]

KAUST team models use of wireless road charging

Researchers have furthered the understanding of how wireless road charging could influence driver behaviour and city planning in a future dominated by electric vehicles (EVs). The team at KAUST in Saudi Arabia set about this by applying statistical geometry to the analysis of urban road networks. JLR to develop wireless taxi charging system for Oslo […]

The Engineer Q&A: SME resilience in a time of crisis

In a year in which Covid-19 wreaked havoc on the economy, the nation’s SMEs held firm and demonstrated a resilience that bodes well for the year ahead. Rishi Sunak’s Spending Review in November 2020 brought the financial cost of Covid-19 into sharp focus. Referring to predictions from the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) he told […]

UK’s first metrology apprentices measure up

The UK’s first apprenticeship course focused on metrology has seen its initial cohort of students complete their studies. Designed by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and run by MakeUK, the three-year Metrology Technician course covers both the theoretical and practical elements of the science of measurement. It includes on and off-the-job training to develop the […]

Jaguar Land Rover taking advanced materials on two-year road trip

Jaguar Land Rover is participating a two-year project to test the capability of advanced lightweight metals and composites for future vehicles. The company said it will use technology developed for the aerospace industry to understand how materials respond to corrosive environments. Samples of new metals and composites will be built into aerospace-grade sensors and tested […]

Skoda app diagnoses faults by listening to engine noise

Engineers at Czech car maker Skoda have developed and trialled a smartphone app that is able to diagnose faults by listening to a car’s engine noise Dubbed the Skoda Sound Analyser, the AI based app is claimed to be so sensitive that it can recognise even the smallest irregularity in the engine sound and can […]