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Jaguar Land Rover taking advanced materials on two-year road trip

Jaguar Land Rover is participating a two-year project to test the capability of advanced lightweight metals and composites for future vehicles. The company said it will use technology developed for the aerospace industry to understand how materials respond to corrosive environments. Samples of new metals and composites will be built into aerospace-grade sensors and tested […]

Skoda app diagnoses faults by listening to engine noise

Engineers at Czech car maker Skoda have developed and trialled a smartphone app that is able to diagnose faults by listening to a car’s engine noise Dubbed the Skoda Sound Analyser, the AI based app is claimed to be so sensitive that it can recognise even the smallest irregularity in the engine sound and can […]

Artificial aquatic polyp could help clean up oceans

Scientists in the UK and Netherlands have developed an artificial aquatic polyp, a technology that could be used to remove contaminant particles from water. Coral polyps are small, soft creatures with a stem and tentacles that nourish corals and aid the coral’s survival by generating self-made currents through motion of their soft bodies. Race to […]

Predictive touch keeps eyes on the road and fingers off screens

Motorists will soon be able to adjust temperature or entertainment settings with ‘predictive touch’, a contactless touchscreen system that improves driver safety and could reduce the spread of viruses. Developed by Jaguar Land Rover and Cambridge University, the patented predictive touch technology is said to use artificial intelligence and sensors to predict a user’s intended […]

Cranfield study recommends automotive firms switch from aluminium to zinc alloys

In recent years aluminium alloys have been favoured by the automotive manufacturing industry for their lightweight properties and lower cost.   However, a new study carried out by researchers at Cranfield University suggests that the use of zinc alloys rather than aluminium could greatly enhance the longevity and sustainability of automotive components. The study conducted by a team at […]

Expert Q&A: Engineering a response to COVID-19

Three of the UK’s leading manufacturers – Jaguar Land Rover, Renishaw and Protolabs –  discuss the role that they have played in the engineering response to the COVID-19 crisis.  One of the few positive stories to emerge from the current crisis is the way in which engineering organisations of varying sizes and from a host […]

Powering up a British battery boom

With electric vehicle (EV) and battery makers increasingly keen to co-locate production, the future of the UK automotive industry hinges on our ability to scale up production capacity with a new generation of gigafactories. Jon Excell reports In the desert just outside of Reno, Nevada, stands a building that, seen from above, dominates the otherwise […]

National Automotive Innovation Centre opens for business

The UK’s National Automotive Innovation Centre, one of Europe’s largest automotive research and development centres, has been officially opened by the Prince of Wales. Based at the University of Warwick, in Coventry, The £150m National Automotive Innovation Centre, is home to researchers, engineers and designers from Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors and WMG and was […]

Autonomous vehicles on bumpy road to market

Great strides are being taken to bring autonomous vehicles onto our roads, but is there a danger that the technology is being developed for a largely unreceptive market? Advocates of the technology will point to reduced emissions and less congestion as just two virtues making autonomous cars an attractive proposition. “With autonomous vehicles comes increased […]