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Bosch technology to detect drowsy drivers

A driver monitoring system that uses an AI-enabled in car camera to detect when a driver is becoming drowsy or distracted could help save tens of thousands of lives over the next 20 years it is claimed. Developed by engineers at Bosch, the technology – which is scheduled to go into production in 2022 – […]

UK study urges action on battery waste

A major new UK study has highlighted the growing problem of lithium-ion battery waste and urged technological solutions to address the issue. While the growth in electric vehicles is helping to cut pollution at point of use, recycling technologies for the large batteries that power them is not keeping pace. According to the study, published […]

APC targets zero carbon projects with new funding round

The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) has distributed £25.4m of funding to three UK automotive projects that are working towards a zero carbon future. One of the recipients is JLR’s CompETe consortium, a multi-partner project to create a new lightweight electric drive unit for a variety of new vehicles. JLR has pledged to offer an electrified […]

European automotive sector facing unprecedented change

Bjoern Klaas, vice president and managing director of Protolabs Europe, talks to The Engineer about findings from its recent survey on the European automotive sector. The automotive industry is facing a period of unprecedented change. Whether it be the digital revolution sweeping through every corner of industry, the environmental challenges which are becoming ever-more urgent […]

Careers in engineering – A beginner’s guide

Writer and STEM ambassador Sarah Anderson takes a look at the basics of engineering, the variety involved in the sector, and the first steps required to embark on a career in engineering.  Using principles of science, technology and maths, engineers can find themselves performing a wide variety of jobs. This includes researching and designing ways […]

Aeroengines investigated in circular economy study

A research project led by Exeter University is seeking to demonstrate how data collected from products in use such as aeroengines can help companies adopt strategies for re-using resources. The EPSRC-funded ‘Circular 4.0’ project aims to demonstrate that adopting circular economy principles can add value to businesses – economically, environmentally, and through increased brand value. […]

‘No deal’ Brexit foolhardy gamble warn MPs and industry leaders

A ‘no deal’ Brexit would lead to severe disruption, pose a fundamental risk to key sectors of the UK’s economy and put many jobs at risk a committee of MPs has warned. Published today (19th July 2019) the latest report from the cross-party House of commons Brexit committee warns that a no deal-Brexit could have […]

Q&A: Ian Warhurst on rescuing Bloodhound

As reported earlier this month (July 10th 2019) Bloodhound, the car designed for Britain’s next assault on the world land speed record, is set for high-speed tests in South Africa this autumn. The news is a welcome sign that the project is back on track following its rescue late last year (2018) by Yorkshire businessman […]

Jaguar Land Rover reveals UK EV plans

Jaguar Land Rover has formally announced its much anticipated plan to manufacture electric vehicles at its plant in Castle Bromwich from 2020. The first new electric car to be produced at the plant will be Jaguar’s XJ luxury saloon, which has so far been exported to over 120 countries. The news was confirmed to staff […]