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Autonomous future poses unique skills challenge

 Dr Daniel Auger is a senior lecturer in Control and Vehicle Systems at Cranfield University’s Advanced Vehicle Engineering Centre. As the university launches a new university course focused on autonomous and connected vehicles, Dr Auger ponders the skills required by those looking to make a career in the automotive industry.  Transport needs to be – […]

Automotive industry urges politicians to steer clear of ‘no deal’ Brexit

With car production falling to its lowest level for five years, politicians are being urged by UK automotive companies to ‘do whatever it takes’ to avoid a no deal Brexit. According to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), 1,519,440 new cars left UK factories in 2018, which marks a -9.1 per […]

Jaguar Land Rover to cut 4,500 UK jobs

Jaguar Land Rover, the UK’s largest car maker, has announced plans to cut 4,500 jobs, most of which are expected to come from its 40,000 strong UK workforce. The company said the cuts, which are expected to mainly affect managerial and office staff and which follow 1500 losses in 2018, are being made as part […]

5,000 jobs set to go at Jaguar Land Rover in new year

As many as 5,000 jobs will be lost at Jaguar Land Rover in the new year, with the UK’s biggest carmaker facing continued economic difficulties. According to the Financial Times, the cuts will be announced in January and will form part of the company’s £2.5bn cost-cutting drive to boost short-term profitability. That plan, known as […]

Reinventing the apprenticeship scheme

Apprenticeships haven’t always been a labour of love for Brandauer, but things had to change if the company was to grow and retain some of its traditional skills. Rowan Crozier, CEO, explains. They say the best things in life are worth fighting for and that’s certainly a statement that Rowan Crozier, CEO of metal pressings […]

UK Autodrive project concludes with three days of driverless car trials

The UK’s biggest trial of autonomous and connected vehicle technology – the UK Autodrive project – has concluded with three days of technology demonstrations across Coventry and Milton Keynes. As previously reported by The Engineer, the Arup led project – which involves a diverse mix of car-makers, local councils, academic research groups and even experts […]

Interview: Elizabeth Hill of Jaguar Land Rover

Jon Excell talks to JLR’s chief product engineer about being at the heart of an industry leading a technological revolution  As the over-used quote attributed to Henry Ford about the public asking for faster horses is often used to illustrate, the automotive industry has a deserved reputation for anticipating and second-guessing drivers’ appetites. And at […]

Last week’s poll: Is government taking industry Brexit warnings seriously enough?

70 per cent of respondents to the The Engineer’s latest poll believe that government isn’t taking industry’s Brexit warnings seriously enough.  Talks in Salzburg have left the UK and the EU at an impasse that currently points Britain toward a no-deal withdrawal from Europe. PM Theresa May doesn’t necessarily want this, and neither do senior […]