Painting in the rain

Manchester-based independent paint-maker HMG Paints has developed a single coat paint that is so water resistant it can be applied and cured even during a rain shower.

Dubbed Raincoat, the heavily structured, semi-gloss finish is applied directly over bare metal and allows painted structures to be exposed to even extreme weather conditions within half an hour, without rain spotting, surface blooming or any loss of film performance. This dispenses with the need for heated or forced curing.

Raincoat was conceived to meet a requirement for Ultra Secure Products, a division of GB Industries, the leading manufacturer of steel anti-vandal site accommodation. It was trialled over the recent wet summer and eliminated rain spotting problems found with a previous paint system. It also, allowed newly painted units to be stored immediately outside, freeing up the existing production line.

Raincoat’s formulation is an ultra-high solids, quick drying coating containing high levels of anti-corrosive pigment. Easy to apply with an airless spray, it has a heavily structured, thixotropic consistency, meaning it is gel-like at rest and liquid when stirred. This gives a film thickness of around 150 microns, without runs or defects.

Raincoat will dry not only in the rain, but even fully underwater, which cuts out a forced curing process, saving energy and equipment costs.