Paper mill automation valued at $2million

Hankuk Paper of South Korea has ordered a Honeywell process control and quality control system for its new paper machine and on-machine coater. The value of the deal is over $2 million.

Hankuk Paper is based in OnSan, in the southern part of South Korea. Hankuk’s new paper machine, which is scheduled for start-up in June 2001, will produce coated papers with a basis weight of 100 to 280 grams.

The order includes a TotalPlant Alcont (TPA) process control system, a Da Vinci quality control system, and CD actuators. The TPA system will manage the paper machine and the on-machine coater processes. In addition, TPA is well suited for the high-speed machine controls. The Da Vinci system is provided with six measurement beams to measure and control the paper quality. This order also includes a Calcoil CW actuator and an AquaTrol actuator, with Calcoil controlling the paper thickness and AquaTrol the paper moisture.

The Da Vinci measurement system uses real-time, on-line measurements, built-in diagnostics and continuous accuracy verification. Open industry standards, such as NT, ActiveX, OPC and ODBC, were observed in the design and implementation of all hardware, software and communications.

The system supports the Honeywell family of more than 35 different sensors for scanning paper-quality measurement. Advanced engineering and sophisticated signal processing provide fast response and high-resolution measurement while enabling sensor-placement flexibility and edge-to-edge visibility despite tight process space constraints.