Particle pointer picks up pace

A new device developed by Manor Technology monitors the condition of a machine via its lubricant or hydraulic fluid.

The metallic wear debris detection equipment detects single particles. This has some advantages over cumulative debris indicating systems, which have problems with particle trapping efficiency and variations in temperature, viscosity, flow-rate and the cyclical resetting of the devices.

The Manor detector uses sensing coils wound around the fluid flow path. These are connected in a bridge configuration. Any change in impedance due to the presence of a magnetic and/or inductive material provides two outputs, hence the particle detector can discriminate between particles of different materials.

A prototype detector with a sensing coil diameter of 16mm provided a reliable indication of particles that were less than 70micrometers in diameter. This early version was able to detect less than one part in 10 million of debris within the volume that it was sensing.

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