Partnership aims for a better view

StereoGraphics and Korea’s Kortek announced yesterday that they are to join forces to create the next generation of Glasses-Free 3D monitors.

StereoGraphics Corporation, suppliers of Stereo3D visualisation products, announced yesterday that it has formed a strategic partnership with Korea’s Kortek, producers of industrial monitors.

According to a statement, StereoGraphics is already the recognised world leader in Glasses-Free 3D monitors with its SynthaGram product line, which allows users to experience 3D views without using eyewear. SynthaGram is widely used in industries such as retail point of purchase, casino gaming, and tradeshow displays.

StereoGraphics and Kortek will co-engineer a new line of industrial-grade monitors that can meet much stricter specifications and withstand much harsher environments.

‘We chose Kortek to take us to the next level of 3D visualisation because they are the confirmed worldwide leader in monitor quality’, said StereoGraphics Founder, Chairman, and CEO Lenny Lipton. ‘Their rigorous manufacturing process ensures superiority in their expansive line of monitors.’

StereoGraphics and Kortek plan to have a range of industrial strength Glasses-Free 3D monitors in production by December 2003.

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