Partnership wins triple award

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Heriot-Watt University and Caledonian Aerotech has won three awards, a first under the KTP programme

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Heriot-WattUniversity and Caledonian Aerotech (Caledonian Alloys) has won three awards, a first under the KTP programme.

KTP aims to foster innovation and increase profitabililty by forming a partnership between an academic or research knowledge base and a company in response to specific, strategic challenges.

The Heriot-Watt/Caledonian Alloys partnership was awarded a Winning Partnership Award, the Engineering Excellence Award sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Best Partnership Programme.

Heriot-WattUniversity principal professor Anton Muscatelli said: ‘Our ongoing partnership with companies like Caledonian Alloys demonstrates our commitment to providing problem-solving capacity for business. Partnerships are key to our development at Heriot-Watt and we greatly value the insight which working with such innovative companies can provide to our research programmes.’

Hugh Stewart, chairman of Caledonian Alloys said: ‘This project is a superb example of KTP in action, supporting knowledge transfer between the university and the company. It has also led to knowledge transfer from the company to the university with many undergraduate and postgraduate students participating in projects addressing real industrial challenges. This project also led to the setting up of the two further KTP projects which are on-going and also producing many valuable outputs.’