Parvus unveils Fast1394

Parvus has announced the release of its Fast1394 PC/104-Plus FireWire card, an IEEE-1394b controller module designed for high-speed data acquisition.

Parvus Corporation announced recently that its new Fast1394 PC/104-Plus FireWire card is now shipping. Parvus says this high performance IEEE-1394b controller module supports the advanced features of the new IEEE-1394b (2002) serial bus with data transfer rates of up to 800Mbits/s over three plug-and-play bilingual cable ports galvanically isolated between the transceiver and link controller.

Designed for high-speed data acquisition across the FireWire bus for audio, video and storage devices in embedded computer systems, this PC/104-Plus form-factor card is said to be fully compliant with the Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) v1.1 specification. It is built with link layer and physical controllers, which integrate intelligent power management capabilities, deep transmit and receive FIFOs (to buffer 1394 data), as well as enhancements to better support digital video (DV) and MPEG data stream reception and transmission.

Supporting hot pluggable connections, the Fast1394 card provides automatic detection and configuration. It has an onboard auxiliary power connector for extra power input from the system power supply to the 1394b connectors and is capable of supplying up to 45 watts of power to external peripherals via a 1394 cable. The unit requires a single 5V power supply and comes in standard (0 degrees C to +70 degrees C) and extended temperature versions (-40 degrees C to +85 degrees C).

When combined with a Parvus PC/104-Plus CPU module, the Fast1394 module reportedly provides OEMs and system integrators with a powerful, complete computing solution designed for applications that take advantage of IEEE-1394b technology to rapidly transfer high levels of data.

Potential applications include real-time industrial control and manufacturing automation, digital video and multimedia data acquisition, portable/mobile data storage, medical/industrial imaging, in-vehicle electronics networking, simulation, robotics, and aviation computing systems, among others.

This product is currently in stock and is priced at $192/each in volume of 100+ units.

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