PAT Training Arrives on YouTube

1st October 2008 – Instrotech is making the most of the internet by using YouTube to give people an overview of its PAT training course. Go to to get a flavour of what’s taught on this top training company’s course, available to anyone that needs to get to grips with testing portable electrical appliances.

PAT testing is an important part of any organisation’s health and safety compliance – the HSE states that 25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances. The Electricity at Work Regulations places a legal responsibility on employers, employees and self-employed persons to comply with these regulations, which means there’s a need for a planned maintenance routine, including inspection and testing.

One company with many years’ experience of running PAT courses is Instrotech. The company’s course provides the knowledge, training and experience to enable a suitable person to become a competent trained PAT tester. Throughout the course classic mistakes are identified – such as forgetting to switch the appliance on – allowing trainees to understand the importance of doing the tests properly.

The course starts with a demonstration of testing procedures and ends with hands-on PAT training. While attendees receive a course certificate, after the course it is important to do PAT testing with an experienced tester to reinforce the training.

‘We have all sorts of people come for training,’ said Peter O’Hara of Instrotech. ‘Some have no electrical experience at all – such as school caretakers – and some might be facilities managers who need to understand the practicalities of what to watch out for in terms of subcontracting a safety critical issue. We also train many qualified electricians, who may be familiar with fixed wiring in buildings but have never had to test portable appliances before.’

The object is to train people at all those levels and to ensure they understand why they need to test for electrical safety, what the tests actually do and what meaningful interpretation they can get from the results – not just ticking boxes, but actually understanding what the numbers that come up on the PAT instrument actually mean.

Course delegates receive a substantial discount on PAT testers and accessories after attending this PAT training course. Delegates can also bring any PAT tester or other test equipment for calibration on the day of the course and receive a discount.

Instrotech’s PAT training course runs twice a month on-site in Watford, starting 9th October, or can be run on client firm’s premises. To book, visit or call 01923 442244.

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