Patent infringement

The TPL Group has filed an intellectual property claim against four major Japanese electronics manufacturers.

The TPL Group, an intellectual property management company, has filed a broad-based intellectual property claim in the US District Court, Eastern District of Texas against four major Japanese electronics manufacturers.

The broad-based claim cites Fujitsu, Matsushita, NEC and Toshiba for direct infringement, contributory infringement, and inducing the infringement of at least three of the ten patents in the Moore Microprocessor Patent Portfolio. Specifically named patents cover multiple instruction fetch, clocking a CPU and I/O separately, and the use of multiple cores and embedded memory.

The cited infringement pertains to a wide variety of end-user products including personal computers, servers, workstations, home theatre systems, digital TVs, video games, DVD recorders/players, mobile handsets and automotive electronics.

The claim was filed in the Eastern District of Texas because it is noted for making it difficult for infringers to engage in the delaying tactics often used to disadvantage individual patent holders. The District enables patent infringement cases to move to trial in nine to twelve months, earning it the nickname “Rocket Docket.”

The Moore Microprocessor Patent  portfolio contains intellectual property that became jointly owned by the privately held TPL Group and publicly held Patriot Scientific in a settlement between them in June 2005. The portfolio is exclusively managed by Alliacense, a TPL Group enterprise.