Pathogen diagnostics in real-time

US-based MicroDiagnosis is developing a real-time pathogen diagnostic system using liquid crystal technology.

The system, which recently was awarded a US patent, was developed by Dr. Chris Woolverton at Kent State University, Dr. Gary Niehaus at the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, and their colleagues. It has been, and is licensed exclusively to, MicroDiagnosis for commercial development.

MicroDiagnosis is developing on-site diagnostic tests for urinary tract, venereal disease, and respiratory tract infections. The use of inexpensive yet sensitive liquid crystal technology will allow the company’s tests to identify dangerous disease causing bacteria before they pose a health threat.

Each test will be able to detect a variety of potential bacteria and viruses that might be the cause of an illness. ‘Rapid on-site detection of multiple pathogens will allow infected individuals to receive faster, more accurate treatment,’ according to MicroDiagnosis Vice President of Business Development, Barry Datlof.

‘Detection of strains and subtypes of pathogens will also enable more directed drug therapies, such as targeting antibiotic resistant strains with the appropriate drugs,’ he adds.