Q&A: Dr Paul Gromball CEO at TMG Munich

TMG Munich provides web-based training to corporations and individuals across multiple sectors. The company has recently expanded its platform to include courses on Industry 4.0 and additive manufacturing, areas where CEO Dr Paul Gromball believes there is a significant skills deficit. Through a combination of online working, e-learning and virtual classroom environments, engineers from around the world are being equipped with the skills required for digital manufacturing. The Engineer caught up with Dr Gromball to find out more.

(Credit: Pixabay)

When was TMG Munich set up and what sort of courses does it offer?

TMG is a professional services companies founded in 1987 to transform clients’ business, operating and technology models for the digital era. Our industry-based, training & consultative approach helps clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses.

We work in close cooperation with the Bavarian Industry 4.0 Competence Centres ZD.B, Fraunhofer, TUM and Bayern Innovativ.

Initiated by Bayern International, TMG has developed a cross-country Up-Skilling-as-a-Service Approach for countries and companies who want to apply Industry 4.0 technologies for improving productivity, gain market advantages and create new businesses


Are all of the courses online?

Yes, they follow a blended learning method of e-learning preparation and online presence lectures and teamwork.

How many students have been trained/are currently learning on the platform?

Over 300 students in Germany and Europe have been trained. We currently offer two I4.0 courses on a monthly basis: Manufacturing 4.0 and Additive Manufacturing. We have 20 students from various countries in one course. In addition, we conduct online workshops on different I4.0 Topics from Construction 4.0 to Digital Leadership.

Are the courses aimed at engineers with existing qualifications?

Primarily yes. We target industrial designers, application engineers, functional managers in production, logistics, and research & development, as well as engineering entrepreneurs.

What are the unique skills challenges that Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing present?

We believe industry in general is suffering from a lack of technical I4.0 skills. Particular areas include cyber-physical systems, robotics and automation, Internet of Things, advanced manufacturing/additive manufacturing, generative design, machine learning/AI, big data analytics, cybersecurity, cloud and mobile computing, virtual and augmented reality, and design thinking.

Alongside these technical skills, there is also a deficit when it comes to the evolving set of work skills that Industry 4.0 environments often demand, such as virtual collaboration, trans-disciplinary teamwork, new media literacy, cross-cultural competence and social Intelligence.

Working in a practical I4.0 environment at local technical centres like the Irish Manufacturing Research Institute, Fraunhofer Laboratories, or Norwegian Mechatronic Lab can help improve both technical and workplace skills.

Dr Paul Gromball is CEO of TMG Munich