PCB inspection and verification

Orbotech’s new automatic verification-in-parallel (AVIP) technology enables both inspection and verification of a PCB to be conducted simultaneously, on one system and using only one operator.

The AVIP technology will initially be incorporated into the company’s Spiron AOI series, making Spiron-AVIP the world’s first system capable of automatically verifying PCB defects detected during the inspection process.

‘Although AOI has always been automatic, verification has been completed manually using a separate workstation and numerous human operators’, said Asher Levy, President of the PCB Division at Orbotech.

‘This, in turn,’ he added, ‘adds to the production time, increases the risk of human error and diverts valuable floor space. AVIP automates the verification process and incorporates it into the AOI system in a parallel – not sequential – operation mode, without compromising inspection quality or yield,’ he added.

According to the company, the new system can inspect – and simultaneously verify – as many as 200 sides of a PCB per hour for 5 mil line technology, which no other currently available AOI system can achieve.

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