PCI To Fibre Channel Chip

To keep pace with the considerable performance demands in today’s Fibre Channel arena, LSI Logic now offers a dual-channel PCI-to-Fibre Channel controller dubbed the SYMFC929.

Featuring 2 Gbaud data rates per channel, SYMFC929 controller enables system designers to double I/O performance while greatly enhancing host utilization and connectivity. The SYMFC929 supports all Fibre Channel topologies with full duplex communications on both channels.

The SYMFC929 controller enables OEMs and system integrators the full advantages of today’s dual-channel drive storage devices. The SYMFC929 controller frees up valuable PCI board slots, and additionally eliminates the need for a PCI bridge, a second single-channel Fibre Channel controller and the associated memory and support devices of current dual-channel designs.

The SYMFC929 controller is claimed to be the first true multifunctional device supporting Fibre Channel protocol (FCP) and Internet protocol (IP) intermixed and simultaneous on both channels. IP traffic can be fully intermixed with SCSI traffic or routed separately to an individual channel. Also, IP and SCSI traffic can coexist in NT systems without the need for a full port driver.