PCs are configured with manufacturing software

A scheme for the lease and purchase of pre-configured PCs for the manufacturing industry and other sectors has been introduced by Rockwell Automation.

A scheme for the lease and purchase of configured PCs for the manufacturing and other industries has been introduced by Rockwell Automation. Users on the scheme will be provided with pre-configured laptop and desktop computers, which can be specified with Rockwell Automation and Microsoft software pre-installed.

PCs can be supplied as part of a control system or technical support agreement and enables customers to enjoy the benefits of the latest hardware and software while spreading the cost over a three-year period. Options include outright purchase, fixed term leasing, lease-purchase – where the customer has the option of buying the machine at the end of the lease period – and lease-return, where the PC is upgraded to the latest model at the end of the lease period.

Rockwell engineers can deliver on-site training covering the software and equipment, especially useful for the more specialised programs that the user may not be familiar with. This support could range from a half-day training to an embedded engineer working on-site as an integral part of the customer’s engineering resource for as long as required.

Leading brand products from manufacturers such as Dell and Panasonic are available, all with a full manufacturer’s warranty. Hardware prices under the scheme are highly competitive and, if Rockwell Software is specified, the cost is further discounted. Specially toughened machines are also available to handle the most demanding environments found on the factory floor.

Other IT services, including local area network design, test and installation, and the design of web sites are also available.

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