Peek polymer meets bearing requirements

Accro-Seal of Michigan, USA, selected Victrex Peek polymer-based Accrolon to offer a non-metallic alternative for babbit, bronze and Gatke bearings on the dryer drums the company supplies to the pulp and paper industry.

“The Peek polymer-based bearings have self-lubricating properties which allow for a significant reduction in the amount of lubrication required,” says Stephanie Parker of Accro-Seal. “The fact that these bearings require only an intermittent mist of lubrication is a major benefit for the pulp and paper industry.”

She continues: “Metal bearings must constantly use oil, which can migrate to the product and spread to the work area. Self-lubricating bearings eliminate this problem, and the result is a cleaner machine that is less of a safety hazard. More importantly, there is significantly less paper scrap due to oil contamination.” The dryer drum is part of the paper machine that’s dedicated to drying the paper. It is heated via high pressure steam. As paper runs over the surface of a rotating dryer drum, it is heated and moisture is evaporated off. The function of the bearing is to support the drum’s metal shaft.

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