Perfecting the art of horizontal lifting

The problem was to position a load weighing 180ton inside a building and then lift and place it on pre-prepared support stanchions

Paper machinery engineers with SiteMech who are working on the `Robin Hood’ project in Manchester experienced a heavy lifting problem and called in LGH Megalift for assistance. The contract was to receive a `Yankee cylinder’ which weighs 180ton, slide it across a concrete apron into a building and then track a further 30m at right angles. Then the cylinder was to be lifted 5m and placed upon pre-prepared support stanchions.

Normally, when pulling heavy loads, it is necessary to have an anchor point to pull from. This is usually achieved by drilling holes in the floor, or by pulling off structural steelwork – an operation most clients are unwilling to approve. There is also potential for damage to the floor, caused by the machine skates as they carry the load across it.

The first part of the solution is the placing of two large lifting beams parallel on the floor. Next, four large skates are placed on the top flange of the beams to carry the load. Power is provided by hydraulic rams, which are driven by power packs.

The cleverest part of the solution is the ram anchor plates. These sit on the top of the beam and connect to the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder, which in turn is connected to the skates. When the ram is energised the bottom pushes against the anchor plate, which has two cams attached to grip the edge of the beams. The harder the rams push the harder the cams grip leaving the skates as the only things able to move.

Once the rams have reached their full stroke, they are de-energised. The anchor plates are then released to be pulled along the beam. The process is repeated allowing large loads to be conveyed along the beams. Once the end of the beams has been reached, other Megalift beams are attached and the run continues.

Megalift is a versatile heavy duty lift method with a capability of up to 1000 ton.

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