Personal helicopter set for wind tunnel tests

James Bond will want one, and so will the military and emergency services if tests on a prototype, strap-on helicopter are successful.

The company behind the project, Millennium Jet, say wind tunnel tests on the SoloTrek XFV will begin on September 18 at NASA-Ames.

NASA will provide technical support for the machine’s maiden flight.

Millennium Jet claim that the new form of personal transportation will allow the user to ‘step on, strap on and fly’.

SoloTrek XFV will use 87-octane petrol and have the capacity to hover for up to three hours. Millennium Jet also claim that it will be able to reach speeds of up to 70 knots and traverse distances of up to 150 nautical miles.

The company believe their first customers will be the armed forces, police and rescue workers.

They do not, however, rule out recreational use and see a future where grid-lock induced road rage becomes a thing of the past for commuters.