Peterborough training centre expands

Perkins Learning Centre, a manufacturing learning centre in Peterborough, has received £750,000 in government funding to enable it to expand and offer more training.

The funding was awarded through the East of England Development Agency (EEDA), supported by the Government Office for the East of England (GO-East). The money will allow the centre to train a greater number of people in advanced production techniques and help increase the productivity of more of the region’s businesses.

The grant will go towards creating an expanded world-class in-industry training facility in R&D, design and production, which will be available to local people, businesses, educational establishments and other organisations in one of the region’s underperforming areas. It will include a virtual reality modelling suite to simulate shop floor conditions.

The centre aims to train 6,500 people from Peterborough and the east of England over three years.