Petrochina buys RAP safety system

Petrochina has awarded Swansea-based RAP International a contract to supply its electronic safety assessment system for a $3.5bn oil and petrochemical complex at Dushanzi in China‘s Xinjian region.

The plant, whose location was selected to process crude oil exported from Kazakhstan, is RAP International’s third implementation in China.

RAP said that there was potential for its safety system to also be installed at other Petrochina sites in deals that could be worth £1m to RAP International.

The company has been working with International Business Wales (IBW), the Welsh Assembly Government’s overseas trade and investment arm, to generate overseas business. This latest deal follows a recent contract to apply the RAP safety system to Castrol’s entire global operation.

Ieuan Wyn Jones, Welsh Assembly Minister for the Economy and Transport, said: ‘This is a highly significant business opportunity and I am delighted that the Assembly Government, through the support of International Business Wales, has helped RAP secure this major contract.

?RAP International operates in more than 20 countries worldwide, and has plans to exploit further opportunities at installations in Vietnam, Thailand, and Korea.