PHANToMs and GHOSTs that you can really feel

Virtual Presence has announced that it has signed an agreement to distribute SensAble Technology’s PHANToM/GHOST virtual reality 3D touch systems in the UK.

PHANToM is said to be the first commercial product that overcomes one of the major barriers to delivering believable virtual environments and that is the problem of haptics, or tactile feedback.

Haptic feedback allows you to actually feel what is happening in your virtual world.

PHANToM fits easily into the office environment and is compatible with standard PCs and Unix workstations. The software both senses and drives the position of a motorised, miniature robotic arm with three degrees of freedom. You can interface with the VR images on your computer via tools such as a stylus, grip handle or thimble. PHANToM works with the computer to determine the 3D location of the tip of the chosen interactive tool. It then applies the appropriate resistive force at that location. Importantly, there is no time lag associated with movement because positional data is updated over 1000 times per second.

Virtual Presence. Tel: 0161 969 1155