Philips and Fairchild second-source small stuff

Fairchild Semiconductor and Royal Philips Electronics have formed an agreement to second-source the packaging for each others’ small-scale logic devices.

The agreement will provide designers second sources for Fairchild’s MicroPak and Philips’ Depopulated very-thin Quad Flat-pack No-leads (DQFN) packages.

Fairchild’s 6 terminal MicroPak, with a footprint of 1.45 mm by 1.00 mm and a height of 0.55 mm, features lead-less contact pads. These contact pads eliminate the potential loss of co-planarity during the production process and allow the package to be soldered to a printed circuit board more efficiently. MicroPak offers designers single and dual gate products that provide a 65% space savings over SC70 packages. The DQFN package is approximately 75% smaller than existing Thin Shrink Small Outline Packages (TSSOPs).

Designed with a footprint of 2.5 mm by 3 mm in a 14-pin configuration, Philips’ DQFN package, available in 16- and 20-pin options, incorporates an exposed die paddle, providing a 20% improvement in heat dissipation over a comparable TSSOP package. The package contains no leads, thereby eliminating co-planarity and bent-lead issues.