Philips invests in Ishoni Networks

Royal Philips Electronics has made a $25 million equity investment in Santa Clara-based Ishoni Networks.

Royal Philips Electronics has made a $25 million equity investment for 51% majority interest in Santa Clara-based Ishoni Networks, a silicon and software solution provider for broadband Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and devices.

Philips Semiconductors and Ishoni Networks will work together to create complete silicon system solutions for broadband CPE providing voice, data and security services over cable or DSL access technologies.

The two organisations will share intellectual property and will jointly own rights to resulting products. Development is expected to be expanded to include fibre, fixed wireless and satellite applications in the future.

Philips Semiconductors will have the exclusive rights to sell, distribute and market the Ishoni products under the Philips brand with the support and participation of the Ishoni sales and marketing organisation.

The Ishoni broadband access solutions for voice and data applications for DSL and Voice over IP for cable are immediately available from Philips Semiconductors.