Philips showcases innovations

Philips today previewed some of its potential medical, leisure and lifestyle products nearing market readiness at the Philips Simplicity Event in London.

Amongst the innovations on display is the Ambient Experience Catheterisation Lab (Cath Lab). Cath Lab aims to improve the workflow of physicians and reduce anxiety of heart patients undergoing catheterisation. It is designed to support medical staff with special lighting eliminating any shadows or reflections on monitors, and providing equal light distribution to reduce the strain to doctors’ eyes. Additionally, the Philips voice control system makes it easier for the physician to communicate with the system without leaving the sterile environment.

Philips also unveiled its amB immersive gaming experience, which allows computer gamers to bring their gaming environment into the real world. Through a simple USB connection the game’s special effects come to life with light, colour, and the rumblings of thunder and even wind from the game being played being brought into the room. They are also designed for game creators to embed the effects into the games themselves.

The uWand, an alternative to the remote control, was also shown. It allows users to intuitively point at an electronic device and to scroll, select, play and move elements.