Phone takes pics

Samsung Electronics has completed the development of a flip-open mobile handset that comes with a 1.5′ TFT-LCD and has digital camera functions built in. The new Anycall Camera Phone (model SCH-V200) is scheduled to go on the market at the end of June in Korea.

The unit can take 20 pictures with 350,000-pixel resolution. Standard accessories include a CD-ROM for picture editing and data cable to connect the SCH-V200 to a PC. The phone has a color TFT-LCD, setting the SCH-V200 apart from mobile handsets with a black-and-white LCD.

A one-megabyte memory can accommodate 20 digital photographs in Regular Mode or 26 pictures in ‘Conserve’ Mode. A macro (Text Mode) function allows the user to take clear photographs of written text.

To take pictures, the user presses the ‘Camera Mode’ button on the side of the unit. A camera lens is located on the upper part of the unit backside, and the subject captured by the lens is displayed on the TFT-LCD. Once the subject has been framed correctly, the user presses the shutter button on the bottom of the TFT-LCD.

With the high-capacity batteries, the SCH-V200 delivers 170 minutes of continuous talk time and 180 hours on standby. The battery will last for up to 200 minutes during picture taking. The unit measures 119mm x 47mm x 23.5mm and comes with ‘Chunjiin’, a built-in phone directory, vibration alert, and privacy protection function.