Phone Wanda

Texas Instruments has debuted a new concept design that, it claims, will allow designers to integrate wireless LAN, Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS technologies.

Called WANDA (Wireless Any Network Digital Assistant), the concept design, which was developed by Accelent Systems, will enable designers to develop a product that can handle simultaneous phone calls, web browsing, mobile commerce, Bluetooth-enabled capabilities, such as printing and headset listening, and DSP-accelerated multimedia applications.

The WANDA PDA concept design integrates a variety of TI’s wireless technologies as well as Microsoft’s Windows-Powered Pocket PC operating system.

It features TI’s OMAP1510 application processor, the BRF6100 Bluetooth digital RF processor and the TNETW1100B, an 802.11b MAC/Baseband processor specifically designed for mobile/embedded wireless LAN applications. Also included in the mix is the TCS2100 GSM/GPRS chipset, which includes a digital baseband and an analog baseband with complete power management functions, along with a software suite that includes a complete GPRS/GSM protocol stack.

In addition to the WANDA PDA concept design, TI will also provide complete reference designs. Availability is slated for April 2003.

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