Phones recognise their owners

Omron Corporation has developed face recognition software that can be deployed in mobile phones or any other mobile devices with a built in camera.


The company says that the aim of the new software, dubbed ‘OKAO Vision’, is to add greater security to the information contained in such devices.


“Mobile devices are carrying ever more personal information including address books, schedules and payment information, and the OKAO Vision software has been designed to protect this information even when the mobile phone is lost or stolen,” said Masato Kawade, Senior Manager of the Sensing Technology Laboratory in Kyoto.


Mobile phones with cameras that use the OKAO Vision software require no additional hardware since the face recognition technology is entirely software based.



To use the unit, the user simply takes his or her own photo. The ‘OKAO Vision’ software will automatically detect the owner and unlock the unit in less than a second. What’s more, there is no need to adjust the camera position when taking the photo. If the face is included in the frame, the software will detect the owner automatically.

The sensor software is fully Symbian, BREW, embedded Linux, and ITRON OS compatible and Omron claims that the software is effective 99% of the time.


The technology will be on show at Security Show Japan 2005, which will be held at the Tokyo Big Site from March 2nd to March 4th, 2005.