Pickerings Lifts Tackles the Blazing Fire Fighting Control Lift Market

New Offerings Extends Pickerings Portfolio of Lift and Mobility Products to Offer a Complete Range

Stockton-on-Tees, 1 April 2009: Pickerings Lifts has extended its portfolio of products which already includes standard and bespoke lifts, escalators and moving walkways to include a standard fire fighting control lift.  

Fire fighting control lifts have been in existence for more than 50 years but with the introduction of stricter buildings regulations Europe wide, the market for these products has expanded significantly.

Section BS5588 of the buildings regulations state that any building with a top floor 18 or more metres above access for the fire brigade must have a fire fighting control lift. The regulations also apply to those buildings where the bottom floor is ten metres or more below the fire access.

Paul Meadowcroft-Loughlin, National Sales Manager of Pickerings explains, “Typically with the type of high rise buildings that require a fire fighting control lift, it will normally be installed as part of a bank of anywhere between four and six lifts. Therefore, by offering a standard fire fighting control lift we are also able to tender for all the other lifts in that building. This represents a significant market for us as during the first three months of 2008 alone we had more than 70 requests for fire fighting control lifts.”

Previously Pickerings had been able to supply fire fighting lifts through its bespoke Sigma ranges, but now Pickerings has introduced a fire fighting control lift into its standard range of gearless machine room lifts allowing it to offer both bespoke and standard solutions.

Fire fighting lifts are multi purpose in their usage, for everyday use they are public use passenger lifts but in the event of a fire, their specialist software offers a range of additional features to allow them to be used by fire fighters to tackle blazes.

Fire fighting lifts have a number of additional features compared to regular lifts. When the lift is switched into fire fighting mode the entire bank of lifts is called to the fire service access point. The designated lift is then switched into fire fighting control mode which uses a completely different set of software to disables features such as the safety beams on the doors. The tops of the lifts are designed so that the electrics and mechanisms are IP protected and the lift has a dual power supply.

The interior of the lift car is also designed differently with ladders built into the walls and a trap door in the roof so that the fire fighters can also use the lift shaft itself for access. The car also includes a communication system to allow the fire fighter to communicate with the access level and the machine room.

Pickerings fire fighting control lifts are available in a range of sizes starting at 630kg which can accommodate up to eight people, all the way up to a 33 person 2,500kg lift.

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