PicoTuner simplifies design

Anadigics has introduced what it claims is the highest integrated single package dual conversion RF data tuner. The AIT1000M6 PicoTuner delivers Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) performance while eliminating the need for up to 50 off-chip components required by other recently announced IC-based tuner designs.

The 22mm x 22mm device is manufactured using gallium arsenide (GaAs) and silicon CMOS technologies and integrates upconverter, downconverter, dual synthesizer, surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) filter, varactor, DC-to-DC converter, input filter, tuning circuitry, and all of the passive components required of an RF data tuner front end.

No external components are required. The AIT1000M6 PicoTuner is a single-chip drop-in alternative to current bulky single conversion tuner boxes and IC-based double conversion tuner solutions. Pico Tuner reduces manufacturing and design time by eliminating the need for up to 50 additional components and can be mounted on the printed circuit board with standard surface mount pick and place equipment.

The +5 VDC PicoTuner is already rated for the industrial operating temperature range required for VoIP gateway devices. Future devices in the family will be rated for +3.3 VDC with power dissipation below 750 mW, and will be optimized for all the major tuner platforms such as IP telephony, digital television (DTV), terrestrial TV receivers, VCR, and CATV set top boxes. Offering the high performance associated with double-conversion designs, the AIT1000M6 PicoTuner features an 8.5-dB typical noise figure. In addition, the dynamic range and distortion characteristics of the PicoTuner meet the requirements of a demanding Cable Modem environment.

The devices are manufactured at the facility in New Jersey. ANADIGICS PicoTuner is priced under $10 in quantities of 10,000 units. Samples are available in limited quantities.

For additional information, contact Anadigics by phone (908) 668-5000 or FAX (908) 668-5132.