Pinpoint causes of downtime

kIntellution, a supplier of industrial automation solutions, has announced the shipment of iDownTime, a new member of the Intellution Dynamics family of products.

iDownTime enables manufacturers to pinpoint the causes of production downtime that can drastically affect productivity and the ability to meet customer needs. Using iDownTime, an option for Intellution’s Advanced Historian, users can define and track downtime by individual units or collectively for a line, find problem areas via root cause analysis, identify under-performing production areas and improve asset utilization and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

“The greatest challenge manufacturers are facing today is how to optimize their businesses and get the greatest return on their assets, in order to meet and exceed customers’ ever-growing demands,” said Steve Rubin, Intellution’s president and chief executive officer. “Determining the source of chronic downtime incidents enables manufacturers to identify and fix problems and maximize their overall equipment utilization, resulting in substantial increases in productivity. That’s the vital capability we’re delivering to users through iDownTime” he added.

By leveraging process history stored in Intellution’s Advanced Historian, iDownTime provides informational context to allow users to better analyse their plant performance for continuous improvement. Because it is tightly integrated with other members of the Intellution Dynamics family through the iCore architecture, iDownTime users are able to access the application as an ActiveX control directly from the Intellution Workspace. This eliminates the need for a separate application interface and minimizes the learning time necessary to use the application. iDownTime’s configuration expert simplifies configuration, enabling users to quickly define all aspects of down monitoring without any programming. Intellution has designed iDownTime for easy deployment. Most features are user-configurable, and require little or no programming skill.