Pipe runs, leaks eliminated

Smooth, fast and precise actuation and positioning without the problems of pipe runs, leaks, or noise are benefits claimed for a cleanline range of electric cylinders and rodless actuators introduced by Intelligent Motion Control. The IDC range includes both rodded and rodless cylinder variants with maximum stroke lengths of 1.5m and 2.7m, respectively. Two types of rodded units are available. The `N’ series handle loads up to 3560N and can index at speeds up to 760mm/s. The larger `T’ series offer load capacities up to 10,700N and increased speeds up to 1020mm/s. There is the option of ball screw or Acme screw cylinder drive mechanisms.

Rodless units offer the facility to combine multiple units into Cartesian systems. In these configurations each axis can be independently driven. Again, there is the choice of ball or Acme screw drive, with the added option of a belt drive.