Piston ring technology reduces power cylinder wear

A new piston ring coating technology developed by Dana Corporation’s Perfect Circle Division can extend the life of diesel engine power cylinders by up to 75 percent.

PCF 380 Coating Technology is a proprietary process and material combination that reduces porosity and increases the density of the piston ring coating, resulting in a heavy-duty piston ring that can deliver more than one million miles of performance.

In addition to reducing wear, PCF 380 also contributes to reduced oil consumption and emissions.

The new technology was developed in anticipation of new heavy-duty diesel engines, which will employ exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) applications to reduce emissions.

’The EGR environment is more abrasive and produces accelerated high-wear conditions in the power cylinder system,’ said Tom Neusiis, vice president and general manager of Dana’s Perfect Circle Division. ’Perfect Circle’s advanced coating technology was developed to address this issue, and has worked so well on piston rings that we are also testing it on cylinder liners and engine bearings to further increase the life of the entire power cylinder package.’

PCF 380 coating, thermally applied and inlaid into the ring surface, reduces both ring and cylinder wear, resulting in a 75-percent gain in engine power cylinder life when compared to today’s best technology.

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