PJD and FMT collaborate on mechanical installation service

PJD Group has announced it will collaborate with FMT Engineering Group to provide a full mechanical service for UK power plants.

PJD and FMT are both responsible for installing and maintaining certain aspects of coal, gas, biomass, and waste-to-energy power plants across the UK and Europe.

PJD has typically been responsible for overseeing boilers that produce steam and drive an electricity-generating turbine. Meanwhile, FMT’s expertise lies with the shaftline that takes steam from the boiler and uses it to drive the turbine.

‘While both companies specialise in their respective areas, through combining our skills and experience we will be able to drive efficiencies, therefore reducing interface problems for the clients,’ said Nick Evans, PJD’s head of business development.

‘I think there is a gap in the market for someone who can provide a total mechanical installation service across the whole plant,’ he added.

The construction element of what both companies are trying to do in the UK will be branded under a new company called In2grated Installations (I2I).

Both PJD and FMT are currently bidding (under I2I) on six UK projects valued between £5m and £10m each that should come to fruition by the end of 2012.

Should I2I be awarded these projects, PJD claims it would help the company reach the £45m target turnover figure by the end of this year, and the £100m target turnover for 2015.

‘The majority of PJD’s current turnover comes from fossil fuels, particularly coal,’ said Evans. ‘In five years’ time I see a reverse of that where the majority of our turnover will come from renewable fuels because most of the coal plants are at least looking to convert into biomass.’

Evans said that each company’s profits will vary depending on their respective input for each specific project.

The government is estimating around £110bn worth of investment needs to be made in the next 10 years if the nation is to meet anticipated energy demands.