Plasma display panel patent spat

Fujitsu has filed suit against Samsung in Japanese and US courts, alleging that Samsung has infringed patents for its plasma display panels.

Fujitsu Limited has filed patent infringement claims against Samsung Japan Corporation in Tokyo District Court and Samsung SDI Co, Ltd in US Federal District Court in Los Angeles, California.

According to a statement, Fujitsu is seeking a court order against future importation and sales of infringing Plasma Display Panels (PDP) products, and compensation for alleged past infringement. In addition, Fujitsu is seeking administrative injunctive relief under a Japanese customs and tariffs law, which prohibits importation of products that infringe Japanese patents.

Fujitsu alleges that Plasma Display Panels (PDPs) manufactured by Samsung SDI infringe Fujitsu’s PDP patents. PDPs are the principal component of plasma display television sets, one of the fastest growing segments of the flat-screen television market.

Before asserting these claims, Fujitsu says it sought to negotiate ‘reasonable compensation’ for Samsung SDI’s use of Fujitsu PDP inventions. Samsung SDI is said to have refused Fujitsu’s ‘reasonable requests’, and it has continued to manufacture and sell PDPs that Fujitsu contends infringe Fujitsu’s PDP patents. Fujitsu determined that litigation was necessary in order to protect the value of its PDP intellectual property.

Masanobu Katoh, group president of Fujitsu Limited’s Intellectual Property Group, explained: “Fujitsu has invested over 30 years and very significant resources in developing commercially viable PDP technology. We cannot permit others to exploit these valuable inventions without appropriate compensation.”

The lawsuit filed in Tokyo alleges infringement of Japanese patent No. 2,845,183, which is one of Fujitsu’s basic patents in the PDP field. Ten other patents are alleged to be infringed in the claims asserted in Los Angeles, California.

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