Plastic fantastic

Plastic Logic has entered into a Joint Development Agreement with Siemens Communications to develop flexible displays for Siemens mobile devices. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The Cambridge, UK-based company, which is developing technology that enables organic materials to be ink-jet printed to produce electronic circuits, stated earlier that it saw the first applications for the technology in active matrix backplanes for flat panel displays. These can be built using direct writing and solution processing, rather than conventional photolithography and vacuum deposition techniques.

Earlier in the year, the company disclosed that it was participating in NAIMO – an EU-funded project aimed at developing a new range of nanoscale smart materials for use in plastic electronics which will be applied in a range of products from flexible electronic paper displays to RFID tags and sensors. The 24 million Euro project involves 22 partners, with over 60% of the funding coming from the EU.

And more recently it’s got involved in the EU FlexiDis project too, to research and develop the materials and processes needed to produce high-performance flexible displays and investigate their commercial applications. The majority of this 26 million Euro research effort will go into creating flexible, low-power electronic paper for newspapers and books using plastic thin film transistors (TFTs), and developing a ‘video-photograph’, a paper-thin, flexible, full-colour video display based on silicon TFTs.

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