Plastics advisers

Moldflow’s Plastics Advisers 7.0 includes new modules that will allow users to simulate more phases of the injection moulding process.

The first new module, Performance Adviser, can be used to simulate the packing phase of the injection moulding process, allowing users to minimise undesirable part shrinkage. A warpage adviser is also included, which indicates if a part is likely to warp or deform beyond acceptable levels.

The second new addition, the Cooling Circuit Adviser module, can be used to simulate the cooling phase of the injection moulding process so that users can optimise their mould designs for uniform cooling and minimum cycle times.

New optimisation tools include a material/process adviser and a mould runner system adviser. These can help the user identify which materials would be easiest to manufacture as well as determine the most efficient way to deliver melted plastic through an injection mould.

Other enhancements include new runner system modelling tools and a new plastic material orientation result plot that can give users insight to the behaviour of melted plastic as it flows through a mould.

The software is expected to ship in December 2003.

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