Plastics selection tool

A partnership between Granta Design and IDES has produced a new software tool aimed at designers who need to select a polymer for a specific application.

The CES Optimal Polymer Selector (OPS), as it is called, comes in two versions – a commercial one and an educational one. Both integrate IDES’s large plastics database with Granta’s CES materials IT software.

The OPS works by a two-stage selection procedure. In the first stage, the software selects optimal materials at the resin and filler level, based on cost, performance, and processing route.

A unique feature is the way that complex selection criteria can be specified by the user – examples of these are ‘material for cheapest panel loaded in bending of specified stiffness’ or ‘material for lightest beam loaded in bending of specified strength’.

Multiple criteria for mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, and chemical resistance can also be specified.

Having established preferred resin-filler combinations, in the second stage, the user selects specific grades from IDES or CAMPUS databases in particular taking into account more detailed requirements such as UL94 rating, lubrication, UV resistance, and others.

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