PLC builds in its own display for ease of use

The Visual KV series of PLCs from Keyence includes a built-in access window. Data can be checked on start-up, during changeover or when being modified without the need for a PC or hand-held programmer.

The access window allows programs to be checked and on-line adjustments to be made to internal devices such as the timer whilst the PLC is still operating.

Other features include a single-axis stepper motor control, which is independent of a high speed counter which is also built in.

A frequency counter function measures the rotational frequency of a gear or rotary encoder without the need for complicated programming. The measured result is automatically input in the specified data memory, from where it can be displayed on the access window.

Twelve types of base unit PLC are available in the KV series, all equipped with an access window. Expansion comes via eight different I/O units.

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