PLC programming software

NAiS Control FPWIN GR is the next generation of Windows-based PLC programming software from Matsushita Electric Works.

The package supports Matsushita’s entire range of FP series PLCs, from the small FP0 up to the high-speed FP2 and FP10SH systems.and is intended for use in a Windows (95/98/NT) environment. In addition to standard mouse operation, the package allows programming functions such as inputting, writing, searching and monitoring to be carried out entirely through the keyboard, sometimes a useful feature when commissioning a system on-site.

NaiS Control FPWIN GR features a whole host of editing tools that allow efficient creation and modification of both new and existing programs. In addition to standard editing functions, which inclde cut and paste, screen-capture, comment editing, I/O search and cross-reference, there are additional utilities for editing data within the PLC and performing modem connection. A help function is also included to provide the user with assistance and programming tips.

Functional compatibility with older Matsushita software packages, including FPSoft and NPST-GR, ensures existing programmers will feel at home with NaiS Control FPWIN GR.

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