Ploughshares from swords

Two projects at UK-based DERA will use defence technology to help the deaf-blind and the dyslexic.

The UK-based DERA will be working with the UK Department of Health and others bodies, including Deafblind UK, RNIB and the University of Hertfordshire, to help people who are deaf-blind to communicate using a computer.

The project will make use of advanced materials and smart sensors to provide tactile communications through specially designed equipment, including a computer mouse, glove, and a feelscreen.

DERA will be contributing expertise from existing programmes on smart materials, robot skins and systems integration methodologies.

Another DERA project aims to make use of military eye tracking technology to help detect and characterise dyslexic children.

Working with Professor John Stein of Oxford University, DERA plan to develop a portable diagnostic tool based on its technology which will help ascertain if a child is dyslexic at an early age.

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