Plug in and prototype

Vishay Intertechnology has announced that it is offering plug-in versions of all devices in its FunctionPAK family of fully integrated dc-to-dc converters.

In a move that will help streamline the prototyping process for designers of IBA/POL (intermediate bus architecture/point-of-load), battery back-up, and other power supply types, Vishay Intertechnology is offering plug-in versions of all devices in its FunctionPAK family of fully integrated dc-to-dc converters.

The new plug-in models of the FunctionPAK dc-to-dc converter family are complete programmable-topology synchronised buck or boost converters that provide design flexibility for the electronics market.

Because they can be plugged easily into a “bread board” for prototyping and testing within circuitry, these plug-in devices may be used to simplify product development, particularly for engineering labs with limited assembly equipment.

The new plug-in versions allow designers to power a variety of loads including FPGAs, power amplifiers, microcontrollers, or baseband logic ICs. The FunctionPAK plug-in module has a 0.1-in. grid pin configuration for soldering directly into the circuit board, but each FunctionPAK comes with a standard socket for the added flexibility of switching different modules in and out of the circuit.

FunctionPAK converters shift dc voltage levels while stabilising power outputs, filtering noise, and reducing ripple in power supplies used for fixed telecom, server, and portable electronics applications.

POL power conversion applications for drivers for FunctionPAK converters are available with up to a 15-W output and a 4-A current output, making them suited for most POL applications where an IBA drives semiconductor devices such as FPGAs, microprocessors, DSPs, and amplifiers through the POL converters.

The FunctionPAK family is also said to include a dc voltage-to-dc constant current converter with adjustable output voltage and adjustable output current up to 2 A for use in such applications as driving power LEDs in lighting systems or driving laser diodes in laser systems.

FunctionPAK devices are capable of converting a range of 2.5-V to 6-V inputs to 0.8-V to 6-V output voltages. High-efficiency operation is delivered over a large load range, with synchronous-rectified PWM mode operation under full load and externally controlled pulse-skipping mode (PSM) under light load conditions.

Vishay says it’s FunctionPAK converters feature a select combination of primary and secondary power MOSFETs, a controller IC, and up to 18 passive components in one package, taking up less board space than the tightest discrete layout while delivering efficiency up to 95%. No external components are required for a complete solution.

For maximum reliability, the BGA package for FunctionPAK is rated for the full industrial temperature range of -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C and specified for military operating temperatures, shock levels, and moisture resistance.

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